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Yoga Swing Inversion Pilates Anti-Gravity Fitness

Yoga Swing Inversion Pilates Anti-Gravity Fitness

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This light and versatile yoga swing will take your yoga practice to the next level. 

The swing, with over-all measurement of  250 x 150cm, will allow you to perform a wide variety of yoga exercises while minimizing the effects of gravity on your body. 

Six gripping handles constructed out of durable foam allow the expert performance of all your favorite poses, while the hammock seat supports your hips and allows you to freely bend your spine backward and forward. 

It can also be used for inversion therapy, a great method of alleviating lower back issues through the gentle, passive stretching and traction of the spine. 

The provided straps allow this piece of equipment to be set up anywhere, such as doorways, swing sets, power racks and even trees capable of supporting your weight. 

It also folds up quickly for easy transport. Yoga practitioners, dancers and martial artists alike will experience enormous gains from the use of this great piece of equipment. 

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1 x Yoga Swing Inversion Pilates Anti-Gravity Fitness


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