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Pure Ember

100m³ Battery Aroma Diffuser Room Fragrance Air Freshener

100m³ Battery Aroma Diffuser Room Fragrance Air Freshener

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Rechargeable Battery Operated Diffuser Ideal for small spaces

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Liquid capacity: 45ml

Charging time: 2-2.5 hours

Use time: Standby for 60 days

Packing list: color box, host, Type-c data cable, adhesive, bracket, manual, cotton swab + Oil bottle


Instructions for use:

1. For the first time, press and hold the power on to display ON, and then the screen will be in a standby state (the fragrance symbol will light up after power on)

2. Double-click the switch to switch the battery

3. Click the button to switch gears, the default gear is 1 when powered on, press again to change to gear 2, and so on, the highest gear is gear 5

4. Shutdown: Press and hold the power button again to display 0FF as shutdown. "

5. This machine has 2 hours timer, when it shows "H" it will stop for 2 hours and then will work again automatically.



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