White Sage Stick Set with Abalone Shell & Wooden Tripod Stand for Room Purification Meditation Smoke

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Sage creates a positive atmosphere for new homes and offices.

Abalone Shell Smudge Kit Wooden Tripod Stand Holder for White Sage Stick Room Purification Meditation Smoke

1. Made of natural materials, it is environmentally friendly, healthy and very durable.
2. Beautiful shape, very suitable for yoga and meditation.
3. Match your needs.
4. Tripods are widely used to support other things.
5. Elegant home or gift set.

Size: Support: 16 * 8cm/6.3x3.15in abalone shell: 11-14cm/4.3-5.1in, Sage: about 10cm/3.9in

Other Sage Bundle options are available. 

  • Sage + Palo Santo + Natural Mineral
  • White Sage Stick Only
  • Stand Only 


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