A Beginners Guide - How to purify and cleanse your home

A Beginners Guide - How to purify and cleanse your home

White Sage Cleansing
I'll explain how I for many years cleanse and purify my home, and the home of my friends and family. I do this regularly with a quick cleanse and also full deep cleanse usually every month. 
You can cleanse of for a number of reasons it could be as simply as having an off day, or just to simply bring in positivity and remove any negativity. I have also found it draws good luck. 

What You'll Need

- White sage (can be sage stick or loose leaf or even sage spray)
- Lighter (for dried Sage)
- Feather (optional) 
- Heat proof bowl or plate for the sage
(I also have a little sand in mine to put my sage stick out when completed) 
You can find the tools your after in the links here:  

Sage Stick

Sage Spray

Sage Kit

White Sage Sticks


    1. Crack open any doors and windows throughout the home
    (This allows the negative energy to leave)
    2. Light the tip of one end of the sage stick until it gets a little flame then lightly blow or fan out the flame with your hand you should now have a smoulder.
    (This is not needed when using sage spray)
    3. Once the sage is smouldering walk in a clockwise direction around the home going into every room opening all cupboards.
    (don't forget to go behind the doors) 
    4. While you move through the home repeat the following


      All spirits and energies that are not of the white light.
      You are not welcome here. 
      Repeat this over and over and over again until you return to where you started.
      5. Once you are satisfied and feel a shift stub out the sage stick in the sand until its extinguished and no longer smouldering. 

      For a Quick Cleanse

      Simply repeat steps 1 and 2 and leave it sitting in the heatproof bowl on the kitchen bench or table for 10 to 15 mins. 
      Then extinguish it 
      Note: Never Leave White Sage smouldering unattended!
      If you use water to extinguish you will need to wait till it dries out before using again.
      White Sage Kit
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